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A Journey through Clothing in S2: Isaac Lahey


Red moves where the danger goes. Black is bad but Derek’s going gray… and so is Stiles. 2x08 is where it turns.

A picturesque mini-series in which I commit amateur fashion crimes analysis for character journeys throughout S2, focusing on colors and layers. The themes include:

(Warning: I don’t often talk about clothing for good reason - I barely know anything about it! So some terms I’m using are probably wrong, however there are plenty of screenshots so hopefully that explains things better.)


Isaac Lahey 

so this great meta of the end scene just reminded me:


In which I over analyze the scene at the Hale House with Derek, Isaac, and Peter.

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…doesn’t Isaac usually wear solid, monochrome, low-saturation colors?

I went back and looked at Isaac through S2 and realized that he went from hiding himself under gray baggy hoodies, to adopting Derek’s style of thin solid-color henleys, to beginning to layer again after turning to Scott. What kind of layering? Blue as the inner layer under a dark overshirt… then blue as the over-layer as the finale begins….then only blue at the finale’s end. And that last shot is the most revealing shirt Isaac wears to date, because he never bares his arms outside lacrosse. 

So let’s go through the evidence. We meet Isaac as a kid wearing at least three layers beside his father in 2x01, then a baggie hoodie in that kitchen scene in 2x02:

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“Hello Stiles,” Lydia slips into the seat across from Stiles at his lunch table.

“That’s your favor voice,” Stiles says, not looking up from his turkey and swiss.

“Well there was something I wanted to ask you,” she steals a chip from his tray and pops it between her perfectly glossed lips.

“Anything you want.” Stiles says.

“Go out with me tomorrow night?”

“Anything but that.”

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